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06:50 nExt API General: RE: Synkronisering
Har det hänt något på denna front?


23:15 nExt API General: RE: Bid/ask prices
Thank you for your reply.
1) Yes, I've seen it before. Don't remember when, though. I can report it again if I see...
23:13 nExt API General: Internal server error on keep-alive call
We got a 500 internal server error today when calling keep-alive/refresh/login in the api:
2011-11-01 11:58...


07:08 nExt API General: Bid/ask prices
I have noticed the following:
1) In the early mornings, most stocks are given a best bid of 1.00 and an ask price ...


16:04 nExt API General: RE: Public feed again
Ok, thank you very much
10:46 nExt API General: Public feed again
Our system has been running for several days without problems. But when I now restarted it we immediately star...


18:24 nExt API General: RE: No orders in the test market?
No, I did not receive the beginning of this message. This partial message was indeed sent on one line. Even if it is ...
17:13 nExt API General: RE: No orders in the test market?
Good, thank you. I got the following strange message on the public feed around 12 today:
2011-09-29 12:10:08 - Une...


16:39 nExt API General: No orders in the test market?
This afternoon there are no live bid/ask prices in the test market (at least not for OMXS30 instruments). All ...


16:22 nExt API General: RE: Feeds again
Well, now it work just fine again. In my logs it looks like my connection is closed after about 10 seconds, and as fa...

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