Test system

The test system is available for certain markets and is relying on external test market to fully function. Our aim is to keep the test API up and running constantly and make trading available for as long hours as possible.

Connection information

Base URL: https://api.test.nordnet.se/next
API Version: 2 (or 1 if you need to verify something running in production)

Login information

When your registration on this page is approved an account is automatically created in the test system with the same username and password.

The test account has 1 000 000 SEK.

When you login use the serviceid NEXTAPI if nothing else has been communicated.

The public key is available in the files section [https://api.test.nordnet.se/projects/api/files]. The public key is available as a PEM file,.Net XML or DER. Choose the one that is easiest to use in your environment.


In short: there is no SLA for the test system and it might be down on occasion.
Please note and remember: we will try to inform when disturbing changes are made but we are not guaranteeing proper stability for the test system.

Delimitations in the test system

Some delimitations in the public test system:

  1. There is no news available in the test systems. Not in the REST services and not in the public feed.
  2. There is no trading in Germany, US or Canada.
  3. Graph data request is not available
  4. Public trades next/2/tradables/trades is not available
  5. Indicator prices is not available.

Available Markets

Current markets available for testing and market info are right now:
  • Nasdaq OMX Nordict

Market Hours

Market Days Open for entry Close
Burgundy weekdays 07:55 17:05 - 17:30
NGM & NDX weekdays 08:01 17:35
OMX SE & FI mon,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun 08:01 21:25
tuesday 17:35
OMX DK mon,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun 08:01 21:05
tuesday 17:05
OSE weekdays 08:46 17:30
OM SE weekdays 08:01 17:30
OM DK weekdays 09:00 17:05