nExt Api documentation revisions

Version Date Name Comment
1.0 2010-03-23 Simon Lindblom Initial version. Mostly copied from other documents.
1.1 2010-03-26 Simon Lindblom Added document state chapter.
1.2 2010-06-10 Simon Lindblom Added mainMarketPrice in positions.
Added example for orders.
Added example for trades.
Changed login for private and public feed.Added instrument information.
Added order handling.
1.3 2010-06-21 Simon Lindblom Updated news.<BR>Updated orderState and actionState in the private feed.
1.4 2010-06-29 Simon Lindblom New login.
1.5 2010-06-30 Simon Lindblom Changed modDate, instrumentID, and orderState in the private feed.
1.6 2010-07-05 Simon Lindblom Added side and currency in order entry.
Added default to accounts.
Added marketplace in instrument lookup.
Removed market_subsribe from public feed.
Added isin and trade_type to public trade feed.
1.7 2010-07-06 Simon Lindblom Clarification of public feed.
1.8 2010-08-27 Simon Lindblom tradeid changed to traded in getTrades and in the private feed.
Instrument changed to instrumentID in getTrades reply.
Changed how to receive XML or Json replies.
Added service to the feed logins.
Addded feed host and expires in to login reply.
Marketname removed from instrument lookup.
Added service markets.
Added touch and logout.
1.9 2010-08-30 Simon Lindblom Added indices.
1.10 2010-09-24 Simon Lindblom Changed indices.
Added info about - and _ in JSON/XML reply.
Added index subscriptions.
Changed public feed reply numerical values.
1.11 2010-10-15 Simon Lindblom Added lists.
1.12 2011-01-10 Simon Lindblom Added status info.
Changed orders to securityOrders in the orders request reply.
Fixed news.
Added chart data.
Changed login (now without the phrase).
Fixed typos.
Added multiple instrument lookup.
Added derivatives.
Added related_markets.
1.13 2011-01-31 Simon Lindblom Added realtime_access.
Added ticksize
1.14 2011-02-14 Tommi Lahdenperä
Simon Lindblom
Ported document from .doc to wiki format.
1.15 2011-02-21 Simon Lindblom Clarification and wiki format fixes.
1.16 2011-11-17 Simon Lindblom Added country to indices reply.
Added smart_order, order_type and validity to Order entry.
Added order_types to get markets.
Added Get valid trading days.