Added by Kristen almost 8 years ago

Dear Nordnet

I'm a customer in Nordnet Danmark. I'm a IT-developer and I'm very interested in  Your Next API. I think it will take at least half a year properly  more for us to develop a basic first version of  a system to work with your API. 
I have a few question to you. I have asked my danish contact (Stefan) about your plans for releasing the API.
Will it be realistic to assume that your API will be in production in august 2013 in Sweden?
Can we use your API to trade on the Stockholm exchange even if you first at a later stage will work with the Copenhagen exchange and with the danish branch of Nordnet?
I assume that you gradually will open up for trading with the OMX Nordic exchanges and Oslo, Germany and later on NASDAQ and NYSE?
What about the price structure for this API?
I have made the program ( just a copy of yours), that can do the logon and it works. Do you have more examples for other functions?
kind regards