Public feed - Not authorized.

Added by Niclas about 8 years ago

Jag kommer inte åt någon test public feed.

Kan jag få access-rättigheter till public feed (depth etc.) på t.ex marknad 11 ?

Send: {"cmd":"login", "args":{"session_key":"002e8cecfbe7667a1eb1002e9a01f67cfd0b5bdb"}}
Receive: {"cmd":"heartbeat","args":{}}
Send: {"cmd":"subscribe", "args":{"t":"depth", "i":"1056", "m":11}}
Receive: {"cmd":"err", "args":{"msg":"Not authorized.", "cmd":{"cmd":"subscribe", "args":{"t":"depth", "i":"1056", "m":11}}}}


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RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by Nordnet Simon about 8 years ago

Hej, nu borde det fungera.

RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by Stefan about 4 years ago

Hej, har samma problem med Not authorized. Är det något ni behöver aktivera?

RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by Stefan about 4 years ago

Glöm detta. Berodde på att attributet m i args var string i mitt anrop och inte int.

RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: Public feed - Not authorized. - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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