please delete old orders

Added by Hans about 8 years ago


When we put in a BUY order before the market opens, it can not be removed from security orders, stays there forever.
It will then prevent further SELL orders on that ticker.

Same seems to happen sporadic if an order is not executed during a login session.

It is not possible to delete those orders. They are listed as DELETED or LOCAL in the security orders telegram

Can you please delete my orders (account 9210286)?
Nice if you solve this problem permanently. as it prevents resaonable tetsing of an application.

To get some testing did we have to make a small NornetSimulator which pumps in public feeds at any rate,
and works around this securityorder challenge.

best regards


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RE: please delete old orders - Added by Nordnet Simon about 8 years ago

They are deleted now. Thanks for the information that you entered the order before opening.

We will see if we can fix this in the test system.

RE: please delete old orders - Added by Anders about 8 years ago

Hej, kan ni också ta bort ordrar från account 9210332?

Det stämmer att det ofta var ordrar lagda före öppning som inte gick att ta bort, men inte alltid. T ex är mina nu låsta ordrar som måste tas bort lagda under börsens öppettider.

RE: please delete old orders - Added by Nordnet Simon about 8 years ago

Nu är det rensat.

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RE: please delete old orders - Added by sunh 12 days ago

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