Vilitra: The Effective For Improving Erection

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Vilitra (Vardenafil) 20mg is an ED treatment that helps with erection. By relaxing the tension of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle of the penis and improving blood flow, it leads to a sufficient erection. Shortly after taking it, the effect is manifested by the addition of physical stimulation.
In addition, the time from administration to the onset of effect is short, and stable effects can be obtained even after long-term administration. Since it acts locally, Fildena Super Active does work to increase libido.
It is an ED problem that many people have that their erection is getting weaker year by year, but just by strengthening the muscles of some parts of the body, you may be able to stay young and healthy forever.

Erectile dysfunction (patients who have insufficient erection and cannot maintain it for satisfactory intimate activity)

Usage In general
The dose can be Vilitra 20 mg for patients with organic or mixed erectile dysfunction who are judged to be well tolerated because taking Vilitra 60 is sufficiently effective. Take once a day, and take at least 24 hours between doses.

It cannot be used if you have serious heart disease or stroke, and the physical activity itself is judged to be dangerous. It may not be available to people with extremely low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure. In such cases, physical activity itself is a burden on the heart and cerebrovascular disease, and the effects of this medicine on the cardiovascular system further increase the risk.