REST news_items problem

Added by Pasi over 8 years ago


I'm using ruby and the following works just fine:

response, body = https.get(path+"news_sources", headers)
puts body

<news-sources type="array">
<name>SIX News Norway</name>
<sourceid type="integer">50</sourceid>

but when trying the same with news_items:

response, body = https.get(path+"news_items", headers)
puts body

<nil-classes type="array"/>

Now, the nil-classes seem to me as if "news_items" is missing (yet not implemented) in the server side or the REST documentation has incorrect term.

I appreciate if you could you help me on this?


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RE: REST news_items problem - Added by Nordnet Simon over 8 years ago

Hi, unfortunatly we don't have news in the test system, have a look in section "Delimitations in the test system".

At the moment we can't add news to the test system.