News Feed in Test Server

Added by Philip over 8 years ago

Hi we tried to subscribe to news feed on test server and we get the error below

{"cmd":"err", "args":{"msg":"Not authorized.", "cmd":{"cmd":"subscribe", "args":{"t":"news", "s":1}}}}

Is it possible for us to have access to a news feeds? or this is a limitation of test server?


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RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by Nordnet Simon over 8 years ago

Hi, unfortunatly we don't have news in the test system, have a look in section "Delimitations in the test system".

At the moment we can't add news to the test system.

RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by drayke 5 months ago

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RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by Junius 5 months ago

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RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by william 4 months ago

Sorry for the late answer. I'm someone who provides professional support on servers, how can I help you? In fact, if you want to configure a news feed on the test server, you can use management software. If you can not find the solution by doing some research on google, you can send me a message.

RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by John 4 months ago

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RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by Thomas 4 months ago

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RE: News Feed in Test Server - Added by Miley about 1 month ago

I hope that you will publish this news feed soon. This feed has been in the testing phase for too long, and I want to get some news from you now. I have a lot of respect for you, so I hope you won't disappoint me.