Empty Heartbeat Issue

Added by Carl 2 months ago


I've been testing around with the public feed for prices and i don't seem to be receiving any data but only an empty "heartbeat" like below:

"data": {},
"type": "heartbeat"

Any ideas why this is? subscription is {'cmd': 'subscribe', 'args': {'t': 'price', 'm': 11, 'i': '101'}}

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Empty Heartbeat Issue - Added by Calle 2 months ago

I have the same issue, been contacting support but it has not been solved yet, will get back to you as soon as I get a reply.

RE: Empty Heartbeat Issue - Added by Oskar about 1 month ago

I've heard that the test API works "sometimes". So I am running a program that polls every 45 minutes to query instruments. Has anyone had any luck at all? Ever? Is it true that the api occasionally does work?