API and Public Feed data availability in the test system

Added by Alexander about 1 year ago

Good day!

I have a bunch of questions related to the consistency and availability of the data.

1. What markets are available in the test system specifically?

Test_system suggests that only Nasdaq OMX Nordic is available.

Here is a list of markets which I got from /next/2/markets API on the test system with US, CA and DE markets filtered out:

[{'market_id': 80, 'is_virtual': True, 'name': 'Smart order'},
 {'market_id': 40, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'Saxess SE SOX'},
 {'market_id': 23, 'country': 'DK', 'name': 'OM Denmark'},
 {'market_id': 12, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'OM Sweden'},
 {'market_id': 14, 'country': 'DK', 'name': 'Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen'},
 {'market_id': 30, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'Burgundy Sweden'},
 {'market_id': 33, 'country': 'FI', 'name': 'Burgundy Finland'},
 {'market_id': 35, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'NDX Sweden'},
 {'market_id': 24, 'country': 'FI', 'name': 'Nasdaq OMX Helsinki'},
 {'market_id': 34, 'country': 'NO', 'name': 'Sola'},
 {'market_id': 13, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'NGM'},
 {'market_id': 42, 'country': 'FI', 'name': 'Saxess FI SOX'},
 {'market_id': 11, 'country': 'SE', 'name': 'Nasdaq OMX Stockholm'},
 {'market_id': 15, 'country': 'NO', 'name': 'Millennium OSE'},
 {'market_id': 37, 'country': 'NO', 'name': 'NDX Norway'},
 {'market_id': 36, 'country': 'FI', 'name': 'NDX Finland'},
 {'market_id': 32, 'country': 'DK', 'name': 'Burgundy Denmark'}]

Which of these markets are tradable on the test system? For instance, Burgundy is already dead, as far as I know.

2. Will / Should listings have updated share lists?

I checked First North STO listing using /next/2/lists/16314713 and found that the amount of instruments is 116.

Same time checking http://www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/shares I can see there are 316 instruments in First North STO listing.

Will this listing or any other be updated soon or in some time?


Is it intended to have sample-like version of the market data in the test system (which would make sense)?

3. What is the source of the public feed on the test system?

There is already a thread about not working public feed, but I wonder what is the data source of the public feed events:

Is it a replication of the real market data?


Is public feed generated from the activity of test system users?

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RE: API and Public Feed data availability in the test system - Added by Nordnet_Support about 1 year ago

1) Nasdaq OMX Nordic is available.

2) The listings is outdated. They are not updated frequently.

3) It is a test system, it does not mirror the real one.

The trading activity is mostly focused on ERIC B. It is a test system and as such the level of activity is different from the real market.

RE: API and Public Feed data availability in the test system - Added by yajof 11 months ago

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