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Added by Perttu over 8 years ago

We are developing software using C# which utilizes the NordNet API. We have gotten the REST API to work, but are having problems with the Public Feed API. We are using the Test APIs, not the real ones yet.

1. First we login through the REST API and receive a session key.
2. We connect to "" port 443 using a standard TCP connection.
3. We send the login command as described in your API reference using our own session key.

{"cmd":"login", "args":{ "session_key":"ABC123"}}

The login command is sent successfully and received by the server.

4. When we try to read a response, we get an error, saying that the server has terminated the connection.

What could be the problem?

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RE: Public feed API - Added by Perttu over 8 years ago

The problem is now solved.

Just used secured https instead of http.

RE: RE: Public feed API - Added by drayke 4 months ago

Public feed access/search via API has been deprecated. Only Media Solution Partners have access to it, but as of today (end of 2015) you cannot apply to this program anymore. Most Media Solution Partners build products on top of that API, but do not provide raw data access to it for example - [[]].