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Added by Patrik over 2 years ago


Im currently subscribing to five big swedish stocks, but only get hearbeats from the public feed.
Is it due to the test order system is down? Or how am I supposed to develop my script without accessing the real price information.

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RE: Hearbeats only - Added by Peter over 2 years ago

I don't now if the test system is down but trading is up to other developers in the test environment, no real market access. Try to put an order on eric b or any other instrument. Then you should get information from the feed. I've done that before and it worked.

RE: Hearbeats only - Added by Patrik over 2 years ago

Good idea! I tried to add an order to the test-system but the order was rejected.
But the private feed fetched the infromation, so I'm happy that it worked :)

Private feed: {"type":"order","data":{"volume":10,"price":{"value":150,"currency":"SEK"},"volume_condition":"NORMAL","order_id":1164746,"reference":"HestTest","tradable":{"market_id":11,"identifier":"366"},"validity":{"type":"DAY","valid_until":1515170100000},"accno":9212378,"side":"BUY","modified":1515083944748,"activation_condition":{"type":"NONE"},"order_state":"LOCAL","action_state":"INS_PEND"}}

Private feed: {"type":"order","data":{"order_id":1164746,"reference":"HestTest","tradable":{"market_id":11,"identifier":"366"},"accno":9212378,"modified":1515083944832,"order_state":"DELETED","action_state":"INS_FAIL"}}

I guess there is some problem with the ordersystem, from what I'm seen I'm not the only one having problems.

RE: Hearbeats only - Added by Peter about 2 years ago

Not easy to develop something when the test environment don't work :(