how do you execute an order?

Added by Marco almost 5 years ago


I try to place a purchase order for tradable_id=101 in the marketplace=11.
At the moment the ask price is 85.05 SEK, the bid price is 20.0 SEK, and the last price 72.8 SEK.
If I send a BUY FOK order at the ask price it is declared invalid from the system since it is too high.
If I use the last price it is accepted by the system but it is in state pending local and if I send the activation command I always get error 500 as response.

I never see any trade executed in my account.

What I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!


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RE: how do you execute an order? - Added by Marcus almost 5 years ago

The order get stuck in pending local because the test market (and the real market) isn't open.

Try again during trading hours. Then you should recieve "INS_CONF" and "ON_MARKET".

RE: how do you execute an order? - Added by Marco almost 5 years ago

Oh really?

Shouldn´t the test market be open on saturday from 8.01 to 21.25?

I got these times here:

Thanks for the prompt reply!

RE: how do you execute an order? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: how do you execute an order? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: how do you execute an order? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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