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Added by Tobias almost 5 years ago


I was in contact with a Danish representative from NN who had absolutely no idea what the NEXT API was. After informing him, he rejected the idea of trying to make access for me.

The problem is that I manually log in to the NN site every day to get the EOD transaction files I then parse and load into our reporting system. This API seems to solve that cumbersome (and error prone) task and I would like to try it out.

1) Why is it not open to all of your (Nordic) customers?
1a) Any ETA?
2) If it were to be launched, would I be able to query a list of transactions based on accountnumber? (Having looked at the API: /next/2/accounts/{accno}/trades should do exactly this).

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Tobias Sommer
Lind Invest

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RE: Access from Denmark - Added by Nordnet Petter almost 5 years ago

Hi Tobias,
The main reason that this only is open for Swedish users is legal and compliance. When we where the first to offer this in Sweden there was a lot of legal work to be done. It is the same for each country. I don't have any ETA.
The API offering here is for Swedish non-professional users. It looks by your question that you are some kind of partner or at least professional, please contact Joachim Georgsen +4570206625 for further questions.

2) /next/2/accounts/{accno}/trades get todays trades (and max 7 days
historical) - but other kind of transactions like deposit and withdraw is not included.

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RE: Access from Denmark - Added by Lasse almost 4 years ago


Is there any Update on this? Still no access for your danish customers?

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RE: Access from Denmark - Added by Mattias almost 4 years ago

Hi Lasse,

Sorry for the delayed response.

As of now there is still no ETA to offer the API to non-professional users in Denmark. And as stated above this is due to regulatory requirements.

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Mattias Schyberg