When does trading take place in the test system?

Added by Niklas over 5 years ago

When does trading take place in the test system?

I have entered an order in the test system with the following details:

order_id: 871918
tradable: {u'market_id': 11, u'identifier': u'101'}
side: BUY
volume: 100.0
price: {u'currency': u'SEK', u'value': 94.0}
traded_volume: 0.0
action_state: MOD_CONF
order_state: ON_MARKET
order_type: LIMIT

This is an order to buy 100 Ericsson B at 94. Currently Ericsson B is trading around 93.5 in the real market, so I had expected this order to be traded even in the test system.


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RE: When does trading take place in the test system? - Added by Nordnet Simon over 5 years ago

Hi, you need to subscribe to the feeds and see what the price in the test system is. There is no correlation between production and test prices.

The reason for this is that when you enter an order in the testsystem it will reflect in the price feed in test also and your order will be visible in the orderbook. So all prices in test comes from other participants currently testing and developing stuff (except for some evenings when the market introduce load).

RE: When does trading take place in the test system? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: When does trading take place in the test system? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: When does trading take place in the test system? - Added by sunh about 1 month ago

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RE: When does trading take place in the test system? - Added by Lane 30 days ago

this are a few steps:-
Step 1: Establish your list of markets and freeze the data set over a static date range.
Step 2: Start with a broad range of coarse tests
Step 3: Examine the system sweet spot by running over the same data set with a finer incremental steps.
Step 4: Study the results paying attention to details.
Step 5: Study the system on a different set of data.
Step 6: Check your results are accurate
Step 7: Compare other systems over the same data sets https://www.mybalancenow.us/