Private feed change

Added by Nordnet Simon over 4 years ago

The documentation previously stated that it was possible to retrieve old orders and trades on the private feed at login. This feature does not work in production.

This feature was wrongly exposed in test but was never available in production. The documentation has been removed.

The current state of orders and trades can be fetched with HTTP-requests next/2/<accno>/trades and next/2/<acncno>/orders .

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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RE: Private feed change - Added by Stefan over 4 years ago


Just to make sure. The ideal way to continously have up to date stock positions and market orders is to:

1) use request to get current status of position and orders at login
2) use the private feed to get updates on filled volumes and currenlty active orders, which can be used to iterate the new current status of position and orders?

I have a working solution where i request this data in each loop, but I assume, that would not be ideal when being certified due to large number of polls.