Problem getting Instruments (/next/2/instruments)

Added by Panos over 5 years ago

Dear Sirs/Madams,

I would like to build a table with all available instruments, so I will be able to choose each time to which of them I am interested in and subscribe to their feed. In order to do so, I am calling the /next/2/instruments API, supply "*" as query parameter and then change the offset for each subsequent call. This seems to work in general, although I have noticed the following:
- Although there are more instruments, the maximum instruments I can get is 67004.
- Many times, some instruments returned already exist in the previous offsets. In other words, I do not get the same results when requesting the same offset. And this cannot be justified with the addition of new instruments which may change the order.

I would appreciate if you could inform whether the above approach is the correct one and if not, what is the correct one.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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RE: Problem getting Instruments (/next/2/instruments) - Added by Nordnet Aleksandar over 5 years ago


The enpoint /next/2/instruments was not intended to be used for fetching all our instruments so you are somewhat in uncharted waters here.

- Instruments are not the same in test and in production, which is why you only find 67004 instruments.
- I am not able to reproduce the pagination error, but if you can do it with a smaller instrument set we can investigate further into this issue and see if it is a bug.