Naming of predefined lists

Added by Juha-Pekka over 8 years ago


We are just looking for the predefined list and stocks on them.
It seems that markets with IDs 30,31,32,33 are all named as Burgundy.
For the users it is hard to see that what is actually where..

Would it be possible to rename those markets as NasdaqOMX markets
so that they would also contain country information.
-> Burgundy FI, Burgundy SE, Burgundy NO, Burgundy DK


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RE: Naming of predefined lists - Added by Nordnet Simon over 8 years ago

Hi, the API is using the same naming convention as the web for the markets. So we cannot change the market names in the API without changing the names on the web.

I will pass this on internally but I think it will remain unchanged.