Multiple instrument lookup

Added by Juha-Pekka almost 9 years ago


According my developer query to get multiple instruments don't work as excepted. It is returning only details of one instrument.

I give the list as a
parameter.(30,1985;30,1906;30,2146;30,1880;30,1905) but I get back
only the details of first instrument, (30,1985). I tried to change the
order but I get always the details of the first instrument. I
tried out some other separator( ; , | , - \ _ \n space ) as well, but in these
cases I got only an empty array. Could you check it?

Provided example query is also returning only details of the one instrument

Please comment

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RE: Multiple instrument lookup - Added by Nordnet Simon almost 9 years ago

Hi, the list values must be URL encoded. So , and ; must be on the format %2B and %2C.


RE: Multiple instrument lookup - Added by Brice 15 days ago

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