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Added by Laszlo almost 7 years ago


If I would like to see some data (eg. prices) which are frequently changing, is it possible to achieve it here at the test system? In other words, is any delayed data in relation with the real life data, or only the trades happening in the test system affect the prices, making it really "slow" by default (as only some infrequent test users are "trading" on it?

In even other words, which instruments shall I pick to have the most frequently updated (price) data? Or it does not matter which one I choose, it will not be updated frequently?

(I have tried NOK1V and ABB but I got only their initial price data, then only heartbeats for 15 mins...)

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RE: Price update frequency - Added by Nordnet Simon almost 7 years ago

Hi, the prices is realtime prices from the stock exchange TEST markets.

So when you enter an order in the test it should be reflected directly. There is no connection to real life prices.