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Added by Kristen about 7 years ago

Hi Simon
Do you expect me to keep track of the positions of the account and of the data in the account summary – like tradingpower.
So the basic idea being that I make REST calls in the morning. And during the day keeps the data updated from the private feed? And try not to make REST calls to keep my data valid?

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Kristen Bonnen

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RE: REST calls - Added by Nordnet Simon about 7 years ago

Hi, it depends on which call.

Orders and trades that you get on the feed should only be fetched once during startup.

Trading power can be requested periodically (like every 5 minute) or when an order or trade message is received on the feed.

So if you a trade or order modification on the feed wait for 500 ms and send the TP request. The reason for the wait is that usually multiple order/trade messages arrives at the same time so to prevent multiple TP queries make a short delay.

RE: REST calls - Added by Elliot 14 days ago

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